BRISTOW, Oklahoma - If you're going ice skating you need some ice to skate on, right?

Well, not in Bristow, where there’s an outdoor ice rink that will work in winter and in summer.

Tuesday, there were kids having a wonderful time as they skated, in shorts, on Bristow’s Rink on Route 66.

Chamber of Commerce president, John Tidwell is pretty excited about it, too.

"I think we hit a homerun," he said.

The Chamber, along with other Bristow civic leaders, were searching for something else to support the Polar Express train ride that leaves from Bristow, so the thought of the rink.

The material is a lot like synthetic cutting boards with silicon added - that helps it react like real ice.

No one is going to train for the Olympics on this, but it's perfect for this kind of fun.

There are skates to rent and a snack trailer where you can get some blue juice or some of Debbie's hot chocolate.

The Rink on Route 66 is open evenings and extended hours on weekends. It will also be part of a big New Year's Eve celebration in downtown Bristow.