TULSA, Oklahoma - A Vietnam veteran is back in Oklahoma with family.

U.S. Marine veteran Charles Anderson died last month in Nebraska and, at the time, his family didn't have the money to bring his body back to Oklahoma, so they asked the Patriot Guard Riders to help them get Anderson home.

“He signed that check,he gave his life for us and let us do what we do, and we sure aren't going to let him be there by himself, or his family be without him. And we are not going to let him be sent home in a box, we'll bring him home,” said Patriot Guard Rider, David Priest.

Patriot Guard riders in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma rode with Anderson's ashes down Highway 75 all the way to Sand Springs.

The Patriot Guard is a volunteer group dedicated to ensuring the dignity and respect at memorial services for fallen military heroes, first responders and honorably discharged veterans.