OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Tuesday, two brothers charged with murdering a well-known Pawhuska oilman appeared in an Osage County court.

Jeremy and Tyler Reece are accused of shooting, killing and burying the body of rancher Rick Holt; but the brothers don’t want to be tried by the State of Oklahoma, but by the federal government.

Jeremy, 31, and his brother, 18-year-old Tyler Reece, were walked into the courthouse together. The brothers have been in jail since early September.

Investigators say they murdered Jeremy Reece's ex-wife's boyfriend, Holt.

Deputies found Holt's body buried in a shallow grave in Osage County, on Indian land. However, prosecutor Mike Fisher said the brothers came to Holt's property, which is non-Indian land, kidnapped him and took him to Osage Nation land.

"We feel as if this is a crime that was committed against the people of Oklahoma and should be prosecuted as such," Fisher said.

Defense attorney, Peter Astor said, “The law is certainly in Mr. Reece’s favor regarding that it needs to be prosecuted in a federal court."

It's ultimately up to a judge to decide; but, no matter the ruling, it will be the first of its kind in the state of Oklahoma.

Fisher said, "It's an area of law that’s gray right now, quite frankly, and we can't provide the court with any direct case law one way or another."

Both brothers are certified members of the Muscogee Creek Nation.

The judge will make a ruling on March 29th.