WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - Nearly two dozen horses and eight dogs are being cared for after they were seized from a home in Wagoner County. Officials said the horses were in the worst condition.

The eight dogs are being looked after by the Human Society of Tulsa. Law enforcement won't say where the horses are being cared for, but we're told many of them were malnourished and injured.

Wagoner County representatives said, for a while, they've been getting calls about the animals but couldn't do anything, until now.

"We came and investigated. The conditions had deteriorated to the point where we couldn't leave the animals here anymore," said Christopher Ramsey with the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office.

Wagoner County sheriff's deputies said they first checked in with the animals' owners Sunday. They suspect the animals may have been living there, alone, for months.

"The dogs on the property were kept in very unsanitary conditions," Ramsey said.

Some of the dogs were packed tightly in cages filled with feces; many of the horses were so poorly fed their bones were showing.

Some have bite marks and missing hair. However, there were a few horses that were somewhat healthy.

Ramsey said, "Several of the horses were not in a proper fence and they were able to get out into the surrounding pastures on other people property. They are not underweight, not malnourished like the horses that were pinned up."

In all, it took about six hours to remove the dogs and horses.

"The majority of the horses haven't been handled in a very long time, if ever. It took a lot of work, not on my part, but from the people we were working with to get them corralled up and loaded," Ramsey said.

The sheriff's office said they believe all of the animals will survive.

As for their owner, it will be up to the district attorney to decide whether to press charges.