TULSA, Oklahoma - A man pleaded guilty Monday to raping a 12-year-old Glenpool girl in 2013 after DNA Tied him to the crime.

Kevin Smith is already serving time for a federal child pornography conviction; but Monday, Smith admitted to attacking a girl in Glenpool in 2013. DNA also connected him to a case where he tried to entice two girls into his car from their Kool-Aid stand.

Police said Smith kidnapped and raped a girl in January of 2013. They said he forced the girl into his car, drove her to a different location, raped her then let her go in her neighborhood.

After the incident, police released a sketch but were unable to make an arrest.

That case was unsolved for more than a year until two girls selling Kool-Aid in their driveway became suspicious of a man who approached them. The girls, 11 and 13, told police the man asked them if they wanted to make money and offered to take them to his studio to take their pictures. The girls got away from him, saved the cup he drank from and gave it to police.

Police say DNA on that cup matched the rape case, so police knew the same man did both. When Smith was arrested in July of 2014 for the pornography charges, investigators took a DNA sample and said it matched.

Tulsa County Assistant District Attorney, Sarah McAmis said, "This is a man who should never get out on our streets again because if he were out on our streets again, our children would not be safe."

The victim in the Glenpool case has testified once and was ready to do so at trial next week, but Smith surprised everyone by pleading guilty instead.

The District Attorney said he will ask for the maximum sentence for Smith. His sentencing is scheduled for next month.

Whatever the judge gives him in this case, Smith won't begin serving that sentence until he's finished with his 17-year federal sentence for the child porn.

Just as the victim was ready to testify at trial, the DA says she is now ready to read her statement to the judge saying exactly how the case has changed and affected her life when it's time for the judge to decide what sentence Smith should get.