TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police say a career criminal is in jail after he was caught with a mobile meth lab in a stolen truck.

Police say the driver, Donald Rodger Griffin, is a convicted felon who has five misdemeanor warrants. He now faces additional complaints of running from police, having a stolen vehicle and more.

Authorities discovered that Griffin stole the truck he was driving during a burglary in January on the 800 block of North Atlanta Place.

Early Thursday morning, they tried to stop him at Harvard and Admiral, but he sped off. They  say he  eventually made it onto northbound Yale - at one point going around active railroad gates with a train coming. Police say they stopped for the oncoming train.

Officers say Griffin kept going, even off-road, but he finally had to stop at 36th Street North and Peoria because of a mechanical issue.

The 50-year-old Tulsa man had syringes on him and was in possession of an active meth lab, police say. The meth lab was found in a backpack in the bed of the truck, the arresting officer said.

Griffin was booked on complaints of felony eluding, possession of a stolen vehicle, endeavoring to make meth and other complaints.

Police called out the Special Investigations Division to clean up the meth lab.