OKMULGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - One day after a man drove his semi off the road, we’re hearing from the first responders he fired on.

The suspect, John Neuman died at the scene and Schulter firefighters said it's a wonder they weren't shot.

They were the first on the scene to come face to face with Neuman after he drove off the road and into the pond.

They said, as firefighters, you train for a lot, but you can never anticipate situations like that.

Schulter firefighter are used to facing dangerous situations on a daily basis, but Wednesday, that danger went from fire to firepower when they came in contact with John Neuman.

“He did come out and he did shoot at several people there," said firefighter, CJ Woodall.

Emergency crews were initially called to the pond off Highway 75 in Okmulgee County for a traffic accident. As Woodall rushed to the scene, over the radio he heard “shots fired."

"As they were coming out, that's when I noticed the deputy with a gun," he said.

The first firefighters on scene said crews went into the water to help Neuman. They said, as they got close, Neuman pulled out a gun and started shooting.

Emergency crews and Good Samaritans dropped to the ground; a deputy shot Neuman.

Emergency crews inched closer but said Neuman stood up and started shooting again. The deputy shot Neuman a second time.

"Whenever I got there he was in the water, and at that time I removed him from the water," Woodall said. "He did have a pulse, and at that time we had to do what we had to do to bring him back, and, you know, it didn't end that way."

Woodall said some of his colleagues have been through similar situations, but this was his first - and he'll never forget it.

"Everybody just clicked yesterday and they knew what they had to do," he said.

Firefighters said it was a long night, but worth it, to see all of their brothers make it home alive.