TULSA, Oklahoma - Former Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz is testifying in day four of a federal civil rights trial. Glanz was sued by a woman who says she was sexually assaulted by a jailer numerous times when she was an inmate in the Tulsa County jail in 2010.

She was a juvenile when she served time and says a former jail employee sexually assaulted her more than a hundred times.

The woman's attorney questioned Glanz concerning the policies in place at the time of the alleged assaults. Her attorney said Glanz violated his own jail policy by housing the female juvenile inmates in the medical unit rather than an open pod.

Glanz said policies are guidelines, and they did everything can to follow those guidelines when running the jail, but sometimes real life intervenes. Exceptions were made to policies because of staffing issues or for security reasons, he said.

The plaintiff's attorney said Glanz violated jail policy by having a detention officer assigned to juveniles who did not have special training. The woman's attorney said the jailer in question violated jail policy by sometimes going into the woman's cell without a female detention officer also present. 

Glanz testified that a jailer who was supposed to have a year of experience and special training to work with juveniles had been on the job 10 months and was scheduled for the training. That jailer was allowed to work with juveniles anyway because of a staffing shortage, he said.

The attorney also said Glanz violated the jail policy by having an adult male housed in a locked cell not far away. That prisoner was under death threats because he was testifying in a huge murder-for-hire trial. 

At one point, Glanz' attorney asked the judge to stop the woman's attorney from yelling his questions at Glanz, but the judge declined.