OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - Several presidential candidates are making appearances in Oklahoma ahead of Super Tuesday. Friday, two top Republican candidates made stops in Oklahoma City to stump for votes.

Four republican candidates are visiting the state this weekend, with three of them holding rallies in Oklahoma City.

Friday afternoon, Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke to a large crowd of supporters in OKC’s Bricktown. He quickly came out swinging against Trump following Thursday night's heated debate in Houston.

Oklahoma is now a battleground state for the 2016 presidential election. Democrats and Republicans are all counting on getting a share of delegates on Super Tuesday.

“It's great to be with you. Thank you Oklahoma," Rubio said.

He made his second stop in Oklahoma to shore up Republican primary voters after a big debate performance last night in Houston.

“He's telling people, ‘I'm going to fight for the little guy, I'm fighting for the working class,’ and here's what he doesn't tell them. He's spent a career in business, 50 years, sticking it to the little guy,” Rubio said.

"Marco came on strong. I thought and he did good with Trump, you know, of course they're all good people,” supporter Richard Thompson said. "He just seems like he's good, and a good person, and a good leader; he would work out just great I think."

With all these rallies being held in Oklahoma, voters like Reggie Maclin are getting a chance to size up the candidates in person.

“Typically speaking, basically, we're a flyover state. So to have these amount of presidential candidates that come through here, it’s very exciting," he said. "I have a pretty good indication of whom I'm going to go through and vote for, but, once again, once we get into the general election all bets are off."

Even Trump supporters like Jack Warren want to see what the senator from Florida has to say before walking a few blocks down to see their candidate speak.

"At the moment, I'm supporting Trump. He's talked a lot about the veterans, I'm really taking his word for what he's saying and I hadn't heard what Rubio is saying about it, but I'm there still you know," Warren said.

Rubio just announced he's coming back to Oklahoma. He'll be at Jenks high school Monday night at 8:30 p.m.

Bill Clinton will be at Tulsa's Booker T. Washington High School Saturday afternoon to stump for his wife Hillary.

Clinton’s rival, Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign announced he'll return to Oklahoma on Sunday with a stop at the OKC Cox Convention Center.

And Texas Senator Ted Cruz is scheduled to make stops in Tulsa, OKC and Lawton on Sunday as well.