TULSA, Oklahoma - A judge ruled there's enough evidence to move forward in the case against a former Tulsa Soccer Club coach charged with sex crimes.

Police said, among other things, Blake Lewis tried to get a 14-year-old girl to send pictures of herself in her underwear. He’s charged with three counts of solicitation of a minor and two counts of lewd or indecent proposal to a child.

In court Monday, Lewis held his hand to his head most of the time and even shook his head in disagreement during some of the testimony.

In November, Lewis was still wearing his Tulsa Soccer Club shirt when he was accused of, and arrested for, sex crimes.

“He is isolating young girls and attempting to play on their emotions and maturity in order to have some kind of sexual relationship with him,” said assistant district attorney, Benjamin Fu.

The undercover Jenks Police officer testified on Monday. He was given permission to take over the 14-year-old girl’s Facebook account after her parents said they saw concerning messages from Lewis.

While talking to who he thought was a minor, police said Lewis sent pictures of himself in his underwear while in the shower then asked for the teen to send him pictures of herself in her underwear.

The officer also said Lewis wanted to Skype with her while she was getting ready for bed and wrote he wanted to kiss her all over her body.

Fu said, "In those conversations he mentions other apps - Snapchat, etc. - that indicate, to me, this is not necessarily his first rodeo. Anyhow, he's savvy, as are a lot of online predators."

He was arrested at the 14-year-old girl’s apartment complex where he thought he was going to meet the teen.

"It's the state's belief, at least in this instance, that he intended to do much more,” Fu said. “And there are segments in his conversation were he stated to the officer that he didn't think he would have stopped himself either."

Authorities are asking any other victims to come forward and contact the Jenks Police Department at 918-299-6311.

The judge set an arraignment for Lewis for March 7.