TULSA, Oklahoma - A group opposed to the Vision sales tax extension is urging voters to turn it down on April 5th.

“Our group is speaking to you today in opposition to the Vision tax,” said George McFarlin with Citizens for a Better Vision.

The small group represents a larger coalition of people opposed to the Vision sales tax extension. Their reasons vary.

For Tracie Chandler, it's because she doesn't think there's enough in it for north Tulsa.

"People with money, power and influence, they got on the list," she said.

There are some anti-tax crusaders who are against all taxes for anything.

Bob Jackman believes the river projects will increase flooding problems. Julie Hall called it a lost opportunity to lower taxes. And some worry about the plan to borrow money to speed up spending with Vision dollars.

But, they're all against the plan to extend the Vision tax by 15 years and spend upwards of $800 million.

"What they bring is an opposition to at least a portion of the tax for their own reason," McFarlin said.

Supporters of the Vision Plan issued a point by point rebuttal of their complaints, arguing the original Vision 2025 package has generated $667 million in new sales tax and sparked the redevelopment of downtown.

McFarlin said he knows, with just some signs and media attention, they face an uphill battle.

"We don't have the Chamber of Commerce, or the public relations firms hired to promote the vision forever, we just have our own hearts and minds and feet," he said.


Vision Supporters Response To Citizens for a Better Vision: