BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and some folks went looking for good deals while supporting local stores at the same time.

Small Business Saturday shoppers told News On 6 anchor Tess Maune they like knowing the money they spend will stay local.

“I think it's good to keep the small businesses open,” said Broken Arrow resident Gail Hunt.

Plum Wild Boutique employee Peggy Herrman says, “You get the personal attention that you're looking for that you lose in the big box store.”

And it's for that reason, many of the folks looking for deals on this day skipped shopping Black Friday altogether.

“It's too crazy and busy,” said local Trisha Burns. “I like to do more relaxed, slow-paced and local businesses are always good.”

Even though Broken Arrow is technically a big city, it’s Rose District draws in big crowds with its small-town feel.

“There's a uniqueness about Broken Arrow that I don't think you find in other small towns,” said Southern Magnolia employee Jayne Mitchell.

Business owners and shoppers both say there's something for everyone along this quaint stretch of B.A.

“You can walk down the street and see all types of stores,” Mitchell stated.

And while some shoppers have a list of Christmas gifts to get, others are simply just shopping for the fun of it.