TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police are questioning two teenagers they say led officers on a chase that ended with the discovery of stolen weapons and musical instruments.

It happened near 81st and Riverside, where police say more teenagers may be involved in a string of recent burglaries in the area.

Police said they usually see a spike of break-ins and stolen property during this time of year because of holiday shopping and people leaving valuable things in their cars; but some neighbors said they're used to seeing crimes year-round.

When people in the area of 86th and Lewis saw an SUV driving around Monday morning, they called the police.

Officers showed up and chased the SUV for a few miles and saw the two teens inside toss out guns onto the street.

Sergeant Mike Parsons said, "They threw out a loaded magazine, semi-automatic pistol, and then they threw out a loaded 357 magnum handgun."

Police said the chase ended when the SUV got a flat tire. They said the teens tried to run toward Riverside but couldn’t get away before police got to them.

Parsons said officers discovered stolen items inside the SUV - including guns and guitars.

"Some of the items that were taken from the vehicle, officers recognized from the reports that they had taken earlier and they're hoping to match that property up with the reports that they have already taken so they can get it back to the rightful owners," said Parsons.

A truck found near where the chase ended will also be going back to its rightful owner.

Police are working to figure out if other teenagers are involved in the theft.

Neighbor Angie Ragan said this kind of activity doesn't surprise her because she's been dealing with it for the past several years.

"My car was broken into at least five times," Ragan said.

Her husband Bill said someone stole his truck this summer, and the couple is encouraging their neighbors to be more vigilant and possibly prevent anyone else from becoming a victim of theft.

Ragan said, "We don't have a community watch here at all. I'm pretty much the community watch."

Police said they're not sure if the teens stole the SUV they drove Monday. They're working to determine if it belongs to one of their parents.