SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - The Sand Springs Police Department says you should be on the lookout for crooks and fake money this holiday season.

In less than two weeks, police have confiscated fake money from multiple people; police caught suspects at Walmart, and another at a gas station.

But, with so much money switching hands this time a year, the money could end up anywhere.

What might look like $85 in cash isn’t real. Police officers said they took the counterfeit money from Kenneth McHahan, who was arrested at a Sand Springs Walmart accused of shoplifting.

"People need more spending money, so they are going to get it anyway they can," said Sand Springs Police Captain Todd Enzbrenner.

Enzbrenner said two people, on two separate incidents, were arrested Thanksgiving Day.

When it comes to real money, there are some key characteristics:

First, there's going to be a crisp feel, and it's also going to have the right colors and the dimensions are going to be perfect. But, when you look at the counterfeit money, they are going to be different sizes, the colors are going to be wrong and it's going to be missing a watermark.

"You can hold it up and look and see if it's got the watermark on it on most bills," Enzbrenner said.

The captain said, in many cases the counterfeit bills get into circulation through drug transactions.

Many stores use special markers to check big bills, but individual sellers take a bigger risk, that's why it's best to always over-scrutinize your money.

Enzbrenner said, "I would be cautious because you are the ones that's going to lose. If you're a garage sale, you're gonna lose. If you're an individual person, you're gonna lose."

Police say if you end up with fake money, report it to police.

When it comes to a major counterfeit operation, the US secret service investigates.