OWASSO, Oklahoma - Two Collinsville parents were arrested at the Urgent Care in Owasso for child abuse.

On Friday, Owasso police were called to the Urgent Care in Owasso to investigate a child abuse call.

When officers arrived, multiple nurses were working on both victims.

Sergeant Michael Barnes described the incident to officer Scott Brengi as the worst case of child abuse he’d ever seen. He stated the infant was extremely malnourished, had bedsores, severe diaper rash and had hair wrapped around her finger to the point infected hair was growing over it.

Numerous nurses at the facility said the case was the worst they’d seen as well.

With tears in her eyes, one nurse said one of the children had a maggot crawl out of her vagina, severe diaper rash, bedsores and feces in her ear, according to police.

Police then questioned the parents -- Kevin Fowler, 25, and Aislyn Miller, 24.

Miller told police the children hadn’t seen a doctor since birth.

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