TULSA, Oklahoma - The lanes of Interstate 244 and Highway 75 going into downtown Tulsa from the Arkansas River are open after several cars hit a juvenile trying to cross the interstate.

The fatal crash happened near the Red Fork Split, where I-244 and Highway 75 merge together on the west side. Lanes were closed for about three hours.

Troopers got reports about the crash around 6:00 Wednesday night in the northbound lanes of I-244 and Highway 75 just south of 17th street.

Before being hit by several cars, a witness told troopers someone was sitting on the wall and then started walking east across the highway.

Troopers said it's obvious the victim was hit by one or two other vehicles.

"The pedestrian was sitting on the wall he had come from west to east, and was sitting on the wall and then began walking east where he was struck by one vehicle," said OHP Trooper Dwight Durant.

Troopers are calling in fatality investigators and the Medical Examiner’s Office.

The juvenile has not been identified.