TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police arrested a man Monday morning after he violated two emergency protective orders filed against him by two different victims, police said. 

Darren Heath Brown, 46, of Tulsa, violated the protective orders at least 15 times, online arrest records show. 

A Tulsa County judge issued two separate emergency protective orders December 28, 2016, against Brown. The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office served Brown with the protective orders December 29 at 1:53 p.m., and his arrest report shows that Brown violated both the orders within three minutes of being served. 

The victims both said Brown called each of them multiple times and left voice messages, and some of the messages were threatening and others were sexual in nature, according to the arrest report. Both victims kept copies of the voice messages and turned those over to police when they filed the protective orders. 

The arrest report states Brown called both victims at work and at their homes, as well as sending them text messages and emails. 

Both victims became fearful of Brown after he left a voice message saying he was going to, "kill them and he was at their door," the report states.

Brown has two prior convictions in 2009 for violation of a protective order in Tulsa County where he received a one-year suspended sentence. Brown was also convicted in 2009 of threatening a violent act and violation of a protective order in Tulsa County, according to online court records.

Brown is due in court Tuesday, January 10.