TULSA, Oklahoma - We've heard about problems with some lithium-ion batteries that power our portable technology.

Some can heat up and catch fire, but what if that happens on an airplane?

A Tulsa company has developed a product to make traveling with technology safer. 

For example, if you are at 30,000 feet and your cell phone or tablet or laptop heats up and starts smoking, that's the bad news.

But, the good news is several airlines including Delta have something called AvSax on board to deal with the problem.

AvSax are made so that the bag is opened and two-liters of water is poured in, then special gloves are used to pick up the offending device and it's dropped into the bag of water. 

Dave Weilert, president of Viking Packing, has been working on this for a couple of years.

"The idea comes from our packaging business, we make heat resistant packaging," Weilert said. 

Trying to keep heat out, why not try to keep it in?

"The core product is actually a blast mitigator," Weilert said. 

A blast-absorbent gel, which also absorbs water.

The company provided some test video of a battery inside the bag actually exploding. 

Delta started putting AvSax on their planes in December and they've had to use them three times. Then the planes continued on to their destination safely.