OWASSO, Oklahoma - Owasso police are now on the lookout after two recent reports in Green Country of a woman who may be trying to lure kids into her car. Owasso Police tell us they will be stepping up patrols around drop off areas near schools, after reports  of a woman trying to lure middle schooler into her car with French fries.

The first report was in Sand Springs. A mother told us on Monday after school, a woman driving a white minivan slowly followed a 12-year-old home from school and kept offering her fries if the girl came with her. The girl kept walking.

After we reported that on News On 6, we heard from someone in Owasso saying a woman with a similar description was driving slowly through their neighborhood Friday.

Owasso Police got wind of it, and they're responding with increased patrols Wednesday.

The best description of this woman is that she is a white female, possibly in 20s, very heavyset with glasses, brown hair, driving a white minivan with dark tinted windows with a J on the license plate.