JENKS, Oklahoma - A Jenks student is using her free time to make baskets for the homeless.

Fourth grader Quinn Leos is not only providing housewarming kits to the homeless, she's reminding everyone that just because you're young, doesn't mean you can't make a difference.

Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless executive director, Sandra Lewis, said, "Some of them can't even believe it. They're just like, I get all of this? And the beauty of it is, everything in that basket is brand new. It's brand new. And that's unbelievable to them."

That's the reaction people have when they receive a housewarming kit from Leos.

"I really just like to see them get into houses with all the things they really need," she said.

The Housewarming Kit Project gives the homeless everything they might need once they get their own place.

Leos said, "Hand towels, and wash cloths, and there's all-purpose cleaner."

Lewis said, for some people, the kits may be all they have.

"They've had to leave everything behind. They can bring what they can carry," said Lewis. "They have nothing. They don't have a towel, they don't have a pan."

Lewis said Leos has not only provided basic necessities for people in need, she's also taught those at the shelter a very valuable lesson.

"What this story has reminded me is that we need to empower our children. And we need to listen to them because they're wiser than sometimes we give them credit for," said Lewis.

Leos has made a dozen baskets so far and plans to continue the project for the rest of the year.

To help Leos make more Housewarming Kits, you can drop off items at LaFortune Park Tennis Center, or, contact her mom, Sandy Leos, on Facebook.