TULSA, Oklahoma - Some Tulsans made it clear they don't like President Donald Trump's two executive orders targeting illegal immigrants.

One order is for a Mexican border wall; another threatened that cities might lose federal money for offering sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

Friday night, people made their way through downtown with a message for immigrants in our area. The man who organized the march said he's hoping to bring everyone together, regardless of their background.

More than 100 people marched from Guthrie Green, over the Center of the Universe and on to City Hall.

The idea to for the march came to Jose Vega after news broke that Trump signed two executive orders involving illegal immigrants.

"My heart started pounding; my stomach started feeling sick," Vega said.

He said, right away, his phone was flooded with texts and calls from Tulsa families who were concerned about their future.

Vega said, "I don't want my family to have fear anymore."

He said the fear he felt in that moment inspired him to create a Facebook page, which quickly turned into a movement.

"That shows that the community is getting involved. The community wants to be involved. They want to be a part of something. They want to show that Tulsa is a welcoming city for immigrants and refugees," Vega said.

Vega wants to be clear that the march was not a protest, just an opportunity for people to be heard.

“Let people know that you are not a criminal. You are not a rapist like our president has targeted them," he said.

Vega said that each stop during the march was symbolic: Guthrie Green represented a sign of the community, City Hall represented city officials, and the Center of the Universe, he said, represented the bridges, not walls, that Tulsa will build in the future.