TULSA, Oklahoma - Two people were arrested Tuesday after police say they were found with wiring stolen from highway lighting.

According to police, members of the Scrap Metal Task Force responded to the area of 9501 East I-244 Eastbound after receiving a call of people stripping wires from the highway.

When officers arrived, they found Robert McKibben and John Nelson walking on the north side of the highway, each with a large duffel bag, they said.

Police said during a search, they found several feet of aluminum wire from highway lighting in Nelson’s bag; aluminum wiring had recently replaced the copper wiring.

They said they also found a small amount of copper wire.

In a nearby tent where police said the men were staying, they found several yards of aluminum wiring.

Police arrested Nelson for several complaints, including knowingly concealing stolen property, possess or receive stolen copper and conspiracy to commit a felony.

McKibben was also arrested for conspiracy to commit a felony.

Police say suspicious activity involving theft of highway lighting can be reported by calling 911 or by emailing tpdsmt@cityoftulsa.org.