TULSA, Oklahoma - North Tulsa community members want to put a stop to development plans. Family Dollar representatives are hoping to open another store in the area, but some community members say they don't need another one.

"There's a Family Dollar there less than half a mile away on the west side, and there's a Family Dollar less than half a mile away on the east side. Then you have a Dollar General store north less than half a mile away," said City Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper.

The Tulsa Development Authority spent Thursday listening to arguments on whether they should give Triple C development the go ahead to build another Family Dollar. The proposed location would be at the old Gateway grocery store.
A company representative says the new store would annually bring $400,000 in profit.

City Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper says the area needs economic growth, but a new dollar store won't do it.

"We have enough. They serve a purpose in our community, and we patronize them but when is enough enough," Hall-Harper said.

She says what they need is a grocery store. 

Many community members like Candy Whitley-White are with her. 

"It is no secret north Tulsa is at a deficit on quality variety stores in the community," Whitley-White said. "It just goes to show that we are not really valued as community members."

Whitley-White says she would rather see some type of retail leisure development.  Right now for fun, community members have to travel outside of the community and spent their money..

"If we had those opportunities located here, it would make the community thrive and grow and be more sustainable," said Tulsa resident Candy Whitley-White.

The TDA planned to vote on the issue Thursday, February 2, 2017, but since the proposed land has changed ownership so many times over the years, they have to figure out who owns it first.