TULSA, Oklahoma - Some area kids were hard at work Sunday at Tulsa's Discovery Lab preparing for this year's Engineering Challenge.

There are several workshops during the weekends so kids can learn about the science behind engineering. Sunday, the kids worked with everyday materials. 

"Science is not something is done in a lab somewhere, is something we do every single day and that we can be active and involved all the time," said Andrew Perrine, museum educator. 

Discovery Lab will be offering workshops led by our experienced educators to help students prepare for the 2017 Tulsa Engineering Challenge. Teachers can sign up their whole class for an in-school workshop, teams can register individually for workshops at discovery lab, or parents and students can attend the drop-in workshops, according to the Discovery Lab website. 

The next workshop is happening February 11 at 3:30.

Visit their website for more information and how to register.