TULSA, Oklahoma - In a brazen burglary attempt, a woman broke through a roof and kicked her way through a midtown family's ceiling.

The couple told police they saw the woman drive off in a blue four-door Chevy blazer.

They said although she caused a lot of damage, she surprisingly didn't get away with anything.

The couple who lives in the house has a lot of repairs to make. 

In broad daylight, they said a woman got onto their roof, ripped off the chimney cover, peeled back the attic vent and kicked a hole through their 9-year-old son's bedroom ceiling.

The couple didn't want to talk on camera but did show News On 6 the mess and also what happened when they spotted the woman. 

The homeowners said they had their ladder out because they were cleaning the gutter. They left for about 20 minutes to go to the store and when they came back they found the suspect.

They drove up and saw the woman peeking around the porch. Without saying a word, they said she walked away, jumped in her car and sped off.

The couple said their door was unlocked, so they knew something was wrong.

They found the damage in the bedroom, but surprisingly nothing was missing. 

So, police said it's not technically a burglary. 

"They had to have stolen something or forced their way in to assault someone but you have to prove there was a crime that took place," said Tulsa Police Sgt. Shane Tuell. 

Tulsa police Sgt. Shane Tuell said the attempted burglary was likely a crime of opportunity. 

The woman saw the ladder next to the home and acted on it.

"I don't think we're gonna see a big case load of bad guys trying to go through roofs but in this case, a person saw the opportunity and tried to take advantage of it," Tuell said. 

Tuell's advice: get to know your neighbors. They'll watch your property and call you or police when something looks wrong.