TULSA, Oklahoma - The case against Tulsa native and a former New York Giant was dropped after the prosecuting witness failed to appear.

Michael Bowie was arrested and charged in August with three misdemeanors in connection to a domestic violence incident.

Bowie turned himself in on August 21, 2017.

Prosecutors originally said Bowie got mad at his girlfriend for how she talked to his mother and said he broke two televisions and punched a hole in the wall.

Bowie’s agent, Peter Schaffer told ESPN, “We thoroughly investigated this. Michael’s girlfriend did not want to press charges, never said there was any physical contact and we don’t know why the district attorney is moving forward. We’ve been in touch with the Giants and the league. We’re obviously going to have to let it play out in the judicial system. Michael’s biggest issue is that he feels horrible that he’s brought any negative light to the Giants and the NFL. He just wants to focus on trying to make the ballclub.”