TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Tulsa County woman wants something done about the abandoned mobile home next door, but she said no one seems to know who is responsible for it.

Neighbors said the property sat there vacant for three years before it caught fire in July. Now, not only is it a nuisance, but also a danger.

Miranda Forbes lives next door to the burned property in Sand Springs near Keystone Lake and she's concerned about her kids, and others in the neighborhood, coming to look at what's left.

"It needs to be cleaned up, it's dangerous," she said. "Children exploring, ‘Oh, look at this fire. It's really cool,’ you know. It just concerns me that, you know, it might hurt somebody."

Rusty nails stick out at every turn, shattered glass litters the ground along with splintered wood and broken pieces of metal.

Forbes has been trying to get it taken care of for months but said she's gotten nowhere.

The owner of the property is dead and she hasn't been able to find anyone who claims it.

"I was thrown for a loop calling the commissioner, then they transferred me to the court clerk, and then probate, and land records, and none of them had a specific answer of who I need to contact and what I need to do about it," Forbes said. “I've never seen anyone come by. Nothing."

According to the county clerk's office, the taxes haven't been paid in a couple years and the property could go up for auction after three years of delinquent payments.

But, as for cleaning it up, the county isn't responsible.

Forbes said she's fed up with nasty debris blowing into her yard and worries that if something isn't done soon, someone could get hurt.