TULSA, Oklahoma - Police arrested a teenager for shooting at police only to learn he has five previous felony convictions as a juvenile.

It's the third case this year where a teenager has an extensive juvenile history then, gets accused of a violent crime.

Police said this is not the type of interaction that should've led to a shooting. 

They were simply shooing Darius Padillow away from the Kwick Stop store because he's been banned from the store. Sources tell News On 6 he's been arrested for a dozen different crimes including assaulting a police officer in 2015.

Police said they recovered a gun from Padillow's home. They say he admitted it was the gun he used to shoot at them 10 times in order to send them a message.

Sources said Padillow has been arrested for assault, burglary, larceny, stolen property, obstruction, joyriding, threatening a violent act and concealing stolen property, mostly property crimes, until now. 

Now, he's booked for shooting with intent to kill and resisting arrest.

"We repeatedly see the same repeat offenders, the same juveniles," said TPD Robbery Sgt. Brandon Watkins.

Deonte Green was arrested recently, accused of raping an elderly woman and murdering a Broken Arrow school teacher His juvenile record shows an extensive history.

In March, Dallas police said Latwon Goff murdered a man and shot a woman then came back to Tulsa and committed robberies just months after a Tulsa judge wiped away his 15-year sentence for robbery as a youthful offender and set him free.

Oklahoma's juvenile system focuses on rehabilitation, not punishment.

"I'm all for treatment, it's great and most of these people deserve treatment, they don't need to be part of the system the rest of their lives.That being said, I'm not sure we should coddle the sociopath if they think it's a great idea to shove a gun in somebody's face," Watkins said. 

Because Padillow is now 18, he'll face these new charges of shooting with intent to kill, as an adult. The judge, in this case, did increase his bond to $500,000.