PAYNE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Two Oklahoma men rescued a big buck tangled in electric wire fence near Perkins last week and it was all caught on video.

Ty Burns says his neighbor called him to help after the neighbor's kids spotted the buck on the edge of their pasture, partially in a pond.      

Burns says the Buck got tangled up in thick hot wire, dragged two fence posts with him and then somehow wrapped it around his antlers and the tree.

In the video you can see the deer thrashing and splashing in the water as Burns and his neighbor tried to cut him free. Their initial attempt was unsuccessful.

“I cannot stand to see any animal in any distress, without a care in the world, we had to save this buck,” Burns said.

Burns decided to jump in the water to get a better hold of the buck, while he and the neighbor continued to use wire cutters to try and free the deer.

“It was freezing! But I didn’t have too much time to think about it till I got out of the water,” Ty Burns said.

It took a little more work,  but he finally managed to cut the buck free.  The deer was so worn out by that time, it took him a few seconds to collect himself before getting up and running into the woods.

“He was an excellent young buck and deserved to live another day,” said Burns.

Burns, a U.S Army veteran, says he used to ride bulls, so the tired deer wasn’t much of challenge for him.