TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa woman is making seat belt covers that help adults and children who have disabilities.

Kate Austin said a friend gave her a great idea, creating disability-oriented seat belt covers that show a person's name, birthday and condition - anything from autism to Alzheimer’s.

That way, if there's an accident, emergency responders can look at the cover, learn more about the victim and keep that in mind when treating them.

"I can only imagine how scary that'd be, not being able to communicate, you know, 'Hey, need you to back off, this is a scary situation,'" Austin said.

Austin’s friend brought her a typical seat belt cover and she said it looked boring.

"No personality, just black, gray, white," she said.

So, she wanted to make it fun, especially for the kids.

Austin recently posted about the covers on social media and she's hearing from a lot of people who want one.

"It was the post that I got the most feedback on and everyone, a lot of my friends who work with kids with special needs, were just really excited about it," she said.

More importantly, Austin said it'll guide first responders and make the best of a bad situation for people with disabilities.

"This, I would think, makes it easier for them to help," she said.

If you’d like more information, you can email Austin at kateaustinoddities@gmail.com.