CATOOSA, Oklahoma - A woman was taken into custody after a police chase along the Creek Turnpike and into a busy area of Broken Arrow.

The woman was taken into custody at 71st and 193rd East Avenue, then, was sent to the Tulsa County Jail before being transported to the hospital.

We are withholding her name because police said it all started with what was supposed to be a mental health pick up. Investigators said it started near I-44 and Garnett as a Tulsa County pick-up order for the woman driver, but she wouldn't stop for deputies.

“Tulsa County was in pursuit. Once they hit Admiral and 193rd they terminated and officers in the area picked it back up. She went eastbound on 412 then south on Creek Turnpike,” said Catoosa Police Chief Kevin McKim.

Once she exited onto 71st Street, speeds never really topped 45 miles per hour; and when she hit a busy intersection, the chase rolled to a stop.

“The traffic, the traffic is congested in the intersection, so traffic wouldn't let her through,” said James Koch with Broken Arrow Police.

Police were able to block the vehicle and pull out their weapons.

“It is typical at the end of pursuit for officers to have their guns drawn because we don't know what’s inside that vehicle. The person is running for some reason, and, in too many cases, officers have been shot at the end of pursuits," Koch said.

And because it was a busy intersection, officers weren't going to put any other drivers at risk.

“Anything could happen in a busy intersection. If someone is trying to avoid the police and they've stopped and can’t get their vehicle out, it has happened before, that someone will jump out of a vehicle and carjack another one,” Koch said.

Thankfully that didn’t happen.

No officers were injured during the pursuit.