COWETA, Oklahoma - A Coweta man accused of impersonating an officer turned himself into police Wednesday after Wagoner County deputies found an array of police materials in his home.

Deputies served a search warrant at the home of Bryon Brown, 44, in the 100 block of South Old Main Street. They had obtained an arrest warrant as well.

Inside, deputies found: police shirts and uniforms, badges from multiple law enforcement agencies, emergency vehicle lighting, ammunition, CO2 guns in police style holsters, police training materials, police radios, law enforcement patches, PhaZZers (similar to the Taser), a siren switchbox controller commonly used in emergency vehicles, and a police officer personalized tag.

Brown became a suspect after deputies received a report that someone in an Orange Dodge pickup with a "police officer" tag had stopped a vehicle on East 141st Street South, west of Coweta, Deputy Nick Mahoney said in a news release.

The victim reportedly told investigators the suspect told him "You are lucky I'm not on duty, or I would cut you a ticket."

Deputies located Brown's vehicle, and neighbors in the area of Brown's home reportedly told investigators that Brown had said he was a federal law enforcement officer.

Brown was identified in a picture line up. He was not at home when officers attempted to serve the arrest warrant, but Brown later turned himself in after deputies made contact with him on the phone.

Brown was convicted in 2004 and 2005 for impersonating a police officer.

Brown was being held in the Wagoner County Jail in lieu of $5,000 bond. He was later released after posting bail.

Brown is charged with one count of impersonating a police officer and other charges are anticipated, Mahoney said.

Brown has a lengthy criminal history including impersonating a police officer, fraud, and other felonies, Mahoney said.

If you or anyone you know has had contact with Brown and he has claimed to be a law enforcement officer, or you have been stopped by him, you are asked to call the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office and speak with investigators at 918-485-3124.