TULSA, Oklahoma - Often people who work on Thanksgiving miss the traditional turkey and stuffing and all the trimmings.

But, the people at Eastside Christian Church are working to change that. 

They've created something called the 'Cuppa-Thanks.'

That's the sound of the first Cuppa-Thanks coming off the line.

After that, it's pretty much-orchestrated chaos, and the conductor is Even Taylor.

"It's a layer of potatoes, turkey, stuffing, green beans and a roll all in a warm cup," Taylor said. 

It's quite the assembly line. The 55 turkeys are prepared in advance and everything else is prepared on site starting about 8 a.m. 

"We're around 55 volunteers this year last year we had about 40," Taylor said. 

Those volunteers will put together about 650 of the Cuppa-Thanks meals

"We need somebody to stir, can you stir good?" Taylor said. 

Everybody has a job - stirrers, dippers, stackers, sticker-putter-on'ers.

When the cups are ready, other volunteers head out the door, delivering a Cuppa-Thanks to folks working on the holiday.

Every delivery group has a prescribed list of places, like a paper route except with turkey and mashed potatoes.

One Warehouse Market has eight people working.

Four hours of volunteer work at the church or on the road, all to make sure people working don't completely miss Thanksgiving.