TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are investigating a gang-related shooting Tuesday at 31st and Mingo after an 18-year-old man showed up at nearby apartments with a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Police say it looks like there were two gunmen with 15 shots fired in all.

Gunfire erupted at a QS gas station just before 2:30 p.m..

“My wife and I were both surprised by it,” said Tim Berry. “We made a left and swung around to make sure everyone is ok here.”

Berry was across the street when he says he saw two people shooting at each other.

"I heard a total of six, one round and then five more rounds after that,” he said.

Police say they think four people were involved, two men armed with guns, one firing 13 shots alone.

"It's unnerving, to say the least,” said Tim Berry.

One bullet hit a window of a Mexican food truck nearby. The woman working at the food truck says when she heard gunshots she leaned forward and the bullet barely missed her.

“We're trying to recover the shell casings because we're able to do a lot with shell casings now,” said Sgt. Robert Rohloff.

Officers couldn't find the bullet that flew through the truck, piercing boxes of soda cans that erupted in the back.

But police say they did find surveillance video and think this gang-related shooting started with a punch thrown at the gas station.

"We had shootings in this area before,” said Sgt.Rohloff. “We've had robberies at the QuikTrip, at Taco Bueno up here, Dollar General, so yeah, this is an area we have at a higher area of crime concentration."

Berry said, "It's sad that it happens so often. It's unfortunate, let's stop shooting each other."

At this time, the teen who was shot is stable at the hospital.

He was found at Windsong Apartments in the  9700 block of East 33rd Street, just behind the gas station about 10 minutes after shots rang out.