STILLWATER, Oklahoma - It looks like Mike Gundy will be staying as the head football coach at Oklahoma State University.

Gundy’s Twitter account made a post reading, “Cowboy For Life! #GoPokes #okstate" Tuesday evening after rumors swirled of a possible coaching move to the University of Tennessee.

Earlier on OSU's campus, students expressed their sadness over the possibility of the longtime coach packing his bags.

"I don't like it," said Grace Jones, freshman. "I saw something on Twitter and it says everyone uses OSU as a stepping stone school to get to higher ones, so, I think that's kind of a letdown."

"He's a real trademark of OSU," said Katya Rasmussen, sophomore.

Emotions ran deep as OSU students were left wondering about the future of Cowboys football as news broke that Gundy met with UT representatives in Dallas about the school's vacant head coaching job, according to multiple reports.

"I'll be pretty disappointed. It's a big loss, I feel like we're doing really good with Gundy and Rudolph," said Eranda Ekanayake, graduate student.

Gundy has been the head coach at OSU since 2005 with an overall record of 113 wins and 53 losses.

"He seems to support everyone, and the players especially in what everyone tries to do here," said Cooper Sherrill, graduate student.

Social media lit up with fans on both sides expressing their opinions. Aside from the obvious frustration some students say it may not be what it seems.