TULSA, Oklahoma - One special group of women is helping make sure area children can stay warm as the temperatures fall.

The group is called the Knittin' Kittens.

More than 4 dozen women ages 18 to 97 get together once a week and knit scarves, hats, and blankets for people in need. 

On Wednesday, Knittin' Kitten members passed out more than 1,200 hats and scarves to children in need throughout the year. 

The women show up at schools, set the homemade crafts on tables, and let the children choose their new winter gear for themselves. 

The Knittin' Kittens have been doing this for years and members will tell you it's a passion project.  

"When you say, no, it's yours, it's yours. It's here to keep you warm. It's here to make you feel good and that there is somebody who is thinking about you when they made this and they want you to know you are loved and cared about and that you are part of our lives and it's just amazing. It's just amazing," said Karen Dills. 

For more information on how you can get involved, visit rsvptulsa.org.