TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Homicide Detectives are hoping to use the wisdom of the crowd to solve some cold cases with their new social media push.

Tulsa Police Department has a high solve rate for homicides, but there are still some families waiting for justice. 

One detective hopes social media will help encourage people to speak up. 

“This is a clear example of just one of those cases where the victim was doing absolutely nothing to anybody. A true victim in every sense of the word,” said Detective Jason White. 

Paula Bogle's body was discovered on December 17th, 2010. 

She was stabbed to death in her rocking chair.

Detectives worked countless hours trying to solve this case, but still need more details to move forward. 

“In a lot of these cases we actually might have an idea as to who did it and so people would go well why not just arrest them. Well, it doesn’t work that way. You have to have enough evidence to be able to move the case forward,” White said.  

Earlier this week, The Tulsa Police Department posted a video of Detective White talking about Paula Bogle's case and another involving a teenage girl named Gabby Bledsoe. 

“I think that people forget about them or they assume that maybe we've made an arrest on a case when in fact we haven't,” White said. 

He said someone may have seen something that could lead to a big break.

“It’s very rare that there’s not people that know something about any one of these cases aside from the perpetrator,” said White, “It continues to show the perpetrators and the families that we are still working on these cases.”

White said they hope to continue posting more videos to social media to encourage people to come forward. 

So, if you have any information on this case or any other cases, it could make a big difference.