TULSA, Oklahoma - Police said a woman stole a vehicle with a baby inside at a gas station near 36th Street North and Peoria.

They said the victim stopped at the Haney's One Stop and ran inside, leaving the vehicle running while his baby was still inside.

The suspect, Micah Feaster, took off in the Jeep Liberty and police said the victim ran after her.

The victim called the police and, not long after, they found the vehicle down the street.

Officers said when they tried to stop Feaster she drove back to the convenience store and surrendered. She told police she did not know the baby was in the back until the baby started crying.

Police said parents need to closely watch out for their kids, even if they're just running a quick errand.

"Things can happen in the blink of an eye and that's something the father kept saying is it was just so quick and it was just the blink of an eye," Corporal Katie Whitehead said.

The father said it was a scary moment but he's glad his child is okay. He also said he did not know the suspect.

Feaster was arrested on several complaints, including possession of a stolen vehicle.