TULSA, Oklahoma - Bob Bates is returning to Tulsa after he moved to Florida following his release from prison.

The former Tulsa County Reserve Deputy was convicted in 2016 of second-degree manslaughter in the death of Eric Harris.

Bates was released from prison in 2017 after serving about two years of his four-year sentence. His release came as a result of how the Department of Corrections calculates credits earned while in prison.

DOC told us, "Bates was received into Lexington A&R on 6/9/16. He completed his sentence and was released today. The number of days between his reception and today equals 497. Upon reception, his jail time was applied to his sentence. He received earned and achievement credits during his incarceration according to state statute and agency policy."

Court records show he still has post-prison supervision.

That supervision was transferred to Florida, which allowed Bates to leave Oklahoma. News On 6 has learned the supervision was returned to Oklahoma.

We've asked D.O.C. if they requested the move or Bates did, but haven't heard back.