BIXBY, Oklahoma - At a special meeting Tuesday night where the Bixby Schools superintendent resigned amid a sexual assault investigation, the school board criticized how the investigation has been handled.

The board said it has been conducting its own internal investigation and stated they are disappointed in the investigative work conducted by the Rogers County District Attorney’s Office. That office is handling the investigation after the Tulsa County DA’s Office recused itself due to a conflict of interest.

The board continued to say it believes the failure to correct errors in an affidavit has led the public to believe false information.

“It is troubling that no law enforcement agency has acted to correct the public record,” said Bixby School Board President Ron Schnare. “The failure to correct clear and obvious errors in the affidavit has resulted in the public being repeatedly misled.”

Wednesday, Rogers County District Attorney Matt Ballard responded to that criticism in a statement saying, “I have full confidence in the investigators assigned to this case and their dedication to the law and the truth. From the very beginning of the case, it has been frustratingly difficult to get pertinent information from the school district. As soon as the Attorney General assigned my office to pursue the case, I released a public statement urging anyone with relevant information to reach out to investigators. That obviously included members of the Bixby School Board and I will welcome their call.”

The investigation stems from reported sexual assault involving football players that court documents say took place at the home of then Superintendent Dr. Robert Kyle Wood.

An affidavit says the victim was upstairs at Wood's home when he was held down by other football players and sexually assaulted.

In addition to Wood, Principal Terry Adams, Athletic Director Jay Bittle and Head Football Coach Loren Montgomery are also mentioned in the affidavit.

Cell phones and email communications concerning the sexual assault were seized from Wood, Adams and Bittle, along with four students.

Wood announced his resignation as superintendent saying in a statement, ““In light of recent events, Dr. Wood decided it was in the best interests of the Bixby School District, the Bixby community, and his family to step away at this time.”

The release goes on to say, “The media’s reporting of recent events has, in several important ways, been inaccurate, misleading and incomplete. Dr. Wood did not violate any law regarding reporting of child abuse; nor has he violated any District rule or policy. Because of the pending investigation, Dr. Wood will not litigate this case in the press. Instead, Dr. Wood will continue to cooperate with law enforcement officials, and continue to respect District Attorney Matt Ballard’s investigative process.”

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