TULSA, Oklahoma - News On 6  Storm Trackers are out with winter weather advisories in effect across Green Country. 

Temperatures have been flirting with 32 degrees all evening. At times, areas have fallen below freezing with rain continuing to come down in Tulsa. And there's been sleet mixing in at times.

There's just rain down to the south and southeast of Tulsa, but we’re watching a big batch of snow starting to develop in west Texas and in the panhandle and as that system swings out, it will bring us snow chances overnight across Green Country. Advisories continue for the next several hours. 

Temperatures are hovering around 32 degrees across Green Country and that’s the magic number. Those south to the southeast are above freezing and don’t have to worry about icy conditions. 

As long as temps hover around 32 degrees, there isn’t much to worry about with elevated surfaces, but the problem is when the sun sets. The temps will likely steadily fall and we’ll still have some light precipitation. 

If you see temps fall below 32 in your hometown, that’s when some of those elevated surfaces can get some black ice. We’ve seen that in patches Friday morning in Tulsa. 

Estimates of ice accumulation southwest of Tulsa to Oklahoma City are around .25 inches, which is exaggerated because a lot has already melted. 

This is not going to be a major ice storm, but there might be a glaze of ice at times. It’s those elevated surfaces where air gets wrapped around them that get dangerous first. 

Road conditions have been staying wet in Tulsa and parts of the east and southeast. But patches of ice have been spotted north and back to the west of Tulsa.

News On 6 reached out to Creek County, Washington County, Osage County, and the City of Tulsa; pretty much everyone is doing the same thing. 

They're ready should severe winter weather hit. They've got sand trucks and snow trucks ready to go. 

But as of now, everyone is just on call, they say there's no reason really at this point to get out there and start prepping the roads yet.

As the evening rolls along and temps drop, travel advisories stay in effect until 6 am Saturday morning. 

Wind chills in are the 20s and they will stay that way overnight. 

In the evening hours, the heaviest precipitation will move out and we’ll get a break for a while, but temps will get colder, and that’s when there will be a chance for sleet or snow as that panhandle system starts to move in. 

And we could have light accumulation for some people early Saturday morning, but sunshine returns Saturday and most of that will melt away. No travel problems Saturday afternoon.

A dusting to an inch of snow is possible for Tulsa overnight. 

Areas around Pryor to Vinita to Grove could see 1 to 2 inches of snow. 

Road conditions Friday night could be slick in spots including overpasses. 

Highs for Saturday will be in the upper 30s to 40s.

As far as flights coming in and out of Tulsa, they've only reported a few minor delays.