TULSA, Oklahoma - A South Tulsa family discovered they were victims of porch pirates after spotting the suspects at the neighbor's house.

It's so close to Christmas, you might think the porch pirates have wrapped up their work, but for now, they're still at it.

Sometimes a quiet neighborhood is the best place to notice something unusual.

"Whenever I hear a postman or delivery trucks, I kind of go and gather whatever is there," said porch pirate victim Glen Olson. 

That's when Olson noticed an unusual car passing his house Monday at lunchtime.

"Him driving up slowly, up the street, caught my attention because our mail was stolen 2 months ago, and so I went out to investigate and that put me in eyesight of her coming off my neighbor's porch with a package," Olson said. 

The video shows a woman taking a package from the neighbors and heading down the driveway to a white Toyota Camry.

"And that's when I yelled across the yard, hey you guys are stealing packages and they hustled and drove away," said Olson. 

Olson went out after them, but they got away.

Another neighbor had cameras that show what happened.

Olson didn't realize he was a victim, until later.

"So, they discarded the shipping box in another neighborhood less than a mile from here," he said.

Someone called to ask them about the box from their package.

The footage shows the white car stopped at the Olson's house first.

"Parked at the mailbox, walked up to the door, took two packages and walked back to his vehicle and got in," he said. 

The man and woman were in a white car with no hubcaps.

Olson thinks they must have been following delivery trucks because the packages were on the porch just a few minutes before they were stolen.

Now, they've posted a warning to potential thieves that they'll be spotted. 

The Olson's lost a package worth several hundred dollars, but it was replaced.

They're hoping someone will recognize their porch pirates and call police.