TULSA, Oklahoma - A Texas family in town for the Tulsa shootout says they are now out about $2,500 after they say someone broke into their hotel room near 31st and memorial.

Kevin Simpson and his family traveled north this week to watch their son compete at the Shootout. 

Now they've got a lot more on their minds after someone stole clothes and Christmas presents.

Kevin Simpson said when he and his family walked into their hotel room Friday morning, they knew something wasn't right.

"We noticed all of our personal items, all the name brand clothes and stuff like that was actually missing from our room," said Kevin. 

He said they talked to the front desk but he doesn't think hotel employees are taking their claim seriously. 

He said when he called the police they told him there was no sign of forced entry.

"Somebody needs to find out how it happened because I've got people I know that's racing, and other customers up here at the hotel, and they can have the same stuff happen to them, I don't want nobody else to have their stuff gone too," Kevin said. 

News On 6 went to the hotel and was told the owner was out of town and wouldn't be back until Monday, but an employee told us the family was the only ones with keys. 

And she said the door could have been propped open or a master key fob could have been used.

Simpson says everything he lost totals about $2,500 and all he wants is for the hotel to reimburse him and his family for the loss. 

"Somebody is not being truthful about what happened is what I feel like," he said. 

News On 6 reached out to the hotel for comment. 

An employee said she is confident the family will be reimbursed but did not know the amount. 

Since the family left the hotel before the end of their stay, she also said they would be reimbursed the difference.