TULSA, Oklahoma - Two young women get massages at a south Tulsa business, only to discover afterward, there was a camera in the room that had recorded them getting undressed and being exposed.

While it may sound invasive, it’s not illegal. The law is written right now, having a camera in a room where you're getting naked is not against the law.

Kelly and Harlee said they wanted a massage, found a place with good Facebook and Google reviews and made an appointment for Friday evening.

They said some things made them uncomfortable - the workers didn't leave the room when the girls got undressed. The workers exposed Kelley's bare behind and Harlee's breasts, but, the girls thought they were safe because they were together in the same room.

That's when Kelley saw the camera.

“I look up and that’s when I see the camera,” she said. "We were sick immediately, just sick. We couldn't believe it."

They paid, left, then posted about it on Facebook, asking people if what they'd experienced was normal.

Several people told the girls to call the police, and they did.

Officers said they found the camera and a video of the girls, exposed.

Kelley: "We'd been in denial, it wasn't recording. This doesn't happen to us," Kelley said.

I went to the business, WD Massage at 69th and Lewis, and asked to see the room.

Lori: "Is this where you did the girls?”

Owner: "Yes."

Lori: "Is there a camera in here?"

Owner: "Uh."

We didn't see a camera in the ceiling and a woman who said she was the owner, who didn't speak much English, seemed to say there wasn't one, but then we spotted it sitting in the same room.

Lori: "Oh, here's the camera. Is this the one that was in the ceiling?”

Owner: "Yea, camera, camera."

Lori: "Was it here?"

Owner: "No, it was here."

Lori: "Oh, over here."

Police and prosecutors said the way the peeping tom law is written right now, for this to be illegal, the camera must be hidden or the video disseminated.

They said this camera was not hidden and it doesn't appear the video was sent anywhere.

Everyone I talked to said there is a moral obligation to tell someone they're being videotaped while getting undressed, but, currently, not a legal one.

The state licensing board said one of the workers listed on the police report is not licensed to do massage.

Kelley and Harlee plan to file a complaint with the state board and they want to see the law changed, but, right now, their only option may be in civil court with a lawsuit.