TULSA, Oklahoma - Residents at Comanche Park are reacting after a man is shot after opening his front door.

Residents say the property is dangerous and they feel like their security isn't being taken seriously.

We told you about security changes happening at several Tulsa Housing Authority properties back in June, specifically at Comanche Park, the guard post was removed and a new security plan put into place.

But, residents have had mixed feelings about the changes, especially...with violent crimes still happening.

This was the scene just last night after A man was shot at the Comanche Park apartment complex.

A scene all too familiar for people who live here.

Police say the gunman went door to door looking for the victim.

In November, police say a woman was shot in the chest by her boyfriend inside the complex.

And in July, a woman was attacked by a man with a machete and her furniture set on fire.

These are just a few of the crimes residents say make them afraid to live here.

And they believe things have gotten worse since the removal of the security guard post back in June.

"We have one security guard that parks the car next to his personal vehicle, leaves it there and gets into his own and leaves," said Cherry, a Comanche Park resident.  "They rarely do their walks like they're supposed to. If you try to talk to them and say hey I need some help they ignore you 90 percent of the time."

Caleb Weaver is a young father, working and going to school here in Tulsa.

He moved here with his family over the summer and just learned about the shooting that happened last night.

"Honestly, it's not surprising. Just since we've moved out here the crime rate has just seemed terrible really," Weaver said. 

THA President Aaron Darden tells us security is their top priority and some residents complained that the guard shack made them feel like criminals.

They decided over the summer a security guard walking the property 7 days a week would be a better use of federal funds.

Darden said individuals who do not live on the property are typically the ones committing the crimes.

"Management works tirelessly to enforce the rules and not allow people not on the lease to stay on the property, but with almost three hundred units, this is a very hard thing to do," he said. 

Darden also said the crime rate at Comanche Park is lower than the city crime rate and some of the other THA properties.

They have also invested in better lighting and security cameras.