TULSA, Oklahoma - Most other kids her age barely have their driver’s license, but Presley Truedson, who turned 16 last week, is the youngest racer at this year’s Chili Bowl.

“It’s just crazy I barely made the deadline,” Truedson said.  

The Minnesota Native is looking to make a name for herself despite her age.

“In racing, I feel like you kinda just gotta go for it,” she said.  

Presley started racing 6 years ago when she was only 10, and two years ago she earned a Lightning Sprint National Championship. 

Her success on the dirt track shifts into her high school advanced classes. Presley carries a 4.0 GPA. 

“It’s really hard you have to give 100 percent at everything you do. Not a lot of kids writing papers and racing but I like the challenge,” she said.  

16 may seem a little young to be a role model, but Presley knows there are fans following her every move on the track.

“That’s the second best part to racing itself. You’re inspiring fans you will maybe someday race,” said Truedson.

Kyle Larson, Christopher Bell, and many other racers have been an inspiration on Presley growing up as a fan. Now that she’s competing in the Chilli Bowl, this experience is more sentimental.

“They’ve made it somewhere in racing and it’s really cool to be able to race against them,” Truedson said, “to be here actually competing is pretty awesome yea, if I can win it that would be nuts.”