TULSA, Oklahoma - A judge ordered a man accused of impersonating an officer not to harass or stalk the detective working the case.

The Wagoner County investigator says Bryon Brown has been following him and driving by his house.

Investigators tell me Bryon Brown claims he's a U.S. Marshal. The Marshals confirmed that's not true.

He’s claimed he's an Army veteran who served tours in Iraq. The Army confirmed they have no one with his name and date of birth in their database.

He’s also claimed he’s been a Marine. The Marines told the Wagoner County Sheriff's office that they have no record of him.

He’s said he’s been in law enforcement.

CLEET says he's never been a certified officer in Oklahoma.

Brown has been to both state and federal prison for fraud related crimes, plus he's been convicted of impersonating an officer. In the federal case, he used a man's social security number to buy a vehicle.

"I was still clearing things up after he was sent to prison,” said the victim, Brain Brown.

Reporter Lori Fullbright: "How surprised are you that he's been arrested again?"

Brian: "Not at all surprised."

He says he's surprised that Brown once again owns a police outfitting business and has access to people's personal information.

But, he's shocked law enforcement does business with Bryon.

Bryon’s Facebook page shows he just finished a truck for a sheriff. It says, “Business is booming.”

"I was kinda pissed, but what can I do about it?" Brian asked.

Bryon now faces four charges, two felonies of perjury and impersonating an officer after a citizen says he pulled him over and portrayed himself as an off-duty officer and two misdemeanors after a business says it gave him hundreds in discounts because he claimed he was a U.S. Marshal.

Bryon has pleaded not guilty and remains free on bond. Last week, his attorney said he can't comment at this time.