TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa high school group is making a trip to Washington, D.C. in the midst of the government shutdown. 

But they may not be able to see everything they were expecting.

This trip to Washington is no vacation for the students and they're using their own hard-earned money to pay for it.

The Edison High School Student Council can't wait to see all D.C. has to offer in person this week.

For students interested in government, it doesn't get much better than a tour of the Senate chamber. 

"Friday afternoon Senator Inhofe's office called me and gave me a heads up that [it] probably wouldn't be happening," said School Activity Director Suzy Griffin. 

The plans have been in the works since last summer, but because of the government shutdown, their itinerary is changing. 

"It's frustrating," said Griffin. 

Griffin is organizing the trip for eight students, leaders who spend their time volunteering for school and community projects.

And she said Edison's student council is one of the very best.

They were just honored for the 10th year in a row with state and national awards.

"I am very proud of my kids," Griffin said. 

On Wednesday, they'll take a flight to the nation's capital for a conference to share ideas with other high school leaders from all over. 

But the conference won't kick off until Friday, leaving Griffin with two days’ worth of activities to plan. 

She's hoping to take them to the Newseum and the International Spy Museum. 

But that means an extra expense for students who are already paying for their flights and hotel rooms. 

"That's where a lot of the students are today, is they're at work," said Griffin. 

Griffin is staying optimistic and said she knows no matter what they see and do, they'll learn something.

"It's a lesson in how government really works," Griffin said. 

If you'd like to chip in on the museum expenses for the students, you can visit their GoFundMe page

If the shutdown ends and the students go with their original plan, they'll put that money toward next year's expenses.