TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Homicide detectives are still trying to figure out how a woman ended up shot and killed in the parking lot of Woodland Hills Mall.

Police said the victim is 21-year-old Samantha Barlow, who is from the McAlester area. 

Police are trying to figure out if it was a homicide, a suicide, or an accidental shooting. 

They said they're not convinced any one angle is stronger than the other

Police said Barlow was found dead, shot in the chest.

“She's dead in front of her car that's running and she's obviously the only one who would be in that car because it's a two-seater and the front passenger seat is just full of stuff,” said Sergeant Dave Walker.   

Sergeant Walker said no drugs or alcohol were found, but the family told investigators she might have had mental health issues. 

“There's some things there that don't fit the murder scenario and a lot of times we don't find murderers leave the gun behind,” Walker said.  

Police said the mall has plenty of security cameras but none of them caught what happened because of the location.

 “Unfortunately, the video at the mall does not capture that little area. We don't have that. We are going to have to rely on eyewitness testimony,” Walker said.    

As people wait to find out if this was a homicide, suicide, or accidental shooting, one shopper said the best thing to do is to let authorities do their job. 

Many shoppers say they're shocked this happened in an area where there is a lower homicide rate, but not all think that. 

"Used to be the nicest place, but now things have changed, you know … it doesn't matter what side of town. People try to penetrate different kind of places," one shopper said. 

Police said they do have video showing Barlow alone at Walmart about 25 minutes before the shooting. 

They said she came to the Tulsa area periodically as an independent exotic dancer. 

If you saw her or her red Pontiac, call CrimeStoppers.