OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - A fire in Osage County has burned thousands of acres.

The fire is just about 5 miles west of hominy in Osage County where crews are expecting a long night ahead of them as they battle the large wildfire. 

Crews said they have been fighting 3 different fires, but they said the one along Highway 20 is the largest they've had. 

Hominy Emergency manager, Felix Nance, said the fire has burned somewhere between 7,500 and 10,000 acres of land. 

Nance said the fire has threatened several homes, but so far, no buildings have been damaged. 

So far, crews have not asked anyone to evacuate. 

A lot of resources have had to be brought in.

Nance said there are about a dozen fire departments along with the national guard. 

Two helicopters did water drops over the wildfire Saturday afternoon. 

Nance said the firefighters are having trouble containing the fire.

"The terrain is very rough. There is a lot of ravines and hard places to get to so they're using basically 5-ton trucks to get back in there to fight the fire," Nance said. 

Right now, crews are doing a lot of backburning along the north and west side to help contain the fire. 

Nance said no injuries have been reported.